Axtone Group


The AXTONE Group is a world expert in impact energy absorption technology in all types of rail vehicles. In its production facilities, it relies first and foremost on work safety, growth of employees and natural environment protection.

  • over 90 years of tradition
  • 5 specialised production facilities in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and China
  • 25 obtained and actively used patents


Development of an effective communication management system in the largest production facilities of the Axtone Group in Poland.


We designed a comprehensive solution specifically adapted to the operation of Axtone’s facilities. We delivered and installed carefully selected 55-inch displays, which replaced the traditional communication tools used so far. Modern carriers allow to update the employees about the status of pending tasks and work safety-related events and procedures on an ongoing basis. As they are located strategically across the factory, our displays are perfectly visible for the entire team regardless of the conditions on the production floor.


A comprehensive system for informing about the production process, goals and results. We delivered a tool which supports work safety, effectively engages the team, is environment-friendly and is a key component of a smart factory.

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