Sheraton Poznań Hotel


The Sheraton Hotel is a special place on the Poznań map. Located vis-a-vis the Poznań International Fair, it is perfectly communicated with the city and the airport. The building attracts a plethora of clients with its interesting catering offer and modern conference facilities.

  • 180 guest rooms
  • 6 conference rooms with the total area of 350 m²
  • 2 restaurants, a bar and a fitness area


Modernisation of the visual communication system functioning so far so that it is even more effective in supporting the management of the luxurious 5-star Sheraton Poznań Hotel.


As part of our consulting service, we examined the condition of the solution and designed it from scratch. We decided to focus on modernity, using over a dozen high-quality displays arranged in strategic places of the building. The reception desk and conference rooms began to shine again and guests gained access to up-to-date information about events and services.

Audit -> Analysis -> Designing -> Software -> Servicing


A carefully designed system meeting the highest of standards. Combination of ease of use, comprehensive functionality and technological advancement. A perfect complement of the luxurious hotel interior.

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