Corporate communication

Visual communication systems for corporations and enterprises

Experience a new dimension of corporate communication. Thanks to a dedicated Digital Signage system, you will facilitate information flow in your business, organise office work and perform employer branding activities even more effectively. Motivate, inspire and engage your employees day in, day out.

Example information you can present:

  • real-time communications about business affairs, events, anniversaries and distinctions
  • building and office plans and digital meeting calendar near conference rooms
  • employee incentive programmes
  • content from social media and other systems

What carriers can you use in your business?

  • multimedia screens
  • touch screen displays and tablets
  • interactive kiosks
  • large format displays
  • videowalls

What you get with VC System:

  • stability of a solution based on software checked by clients
  • a set of comprehensive services: from audit, through analysis, design and installation, to servicing
  • problem-free integration with external data sources
  • professional support and advice in building your business

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