Audio-visual systems (AV systems)

One comprehensive solution adapted to spatial requirements and users’ needs – Crestron – will make the entire conference room become the business card of your undertaking. With an advanced audio-visual system, you will run a presentation, a training and a videoconference effectively in a perfectly equipped, modern interior.

Integration of all devices and systems

Discover the advantages of smart rooms! Thanks to Crestron, you will integrate all devices used in the facility: audio and video systems, air conditioning, lighting and other facilities. You can also connect with the booking and management system (BMS), creating an ecosystem of smart office.

The next level of presentation

Fulfil your business goals with effective presentations. We will show you how easily you can share your screen and present information from various sources. You will start a meeting and automatically connect will all its participants with just one click. You will share data from a telephone, tablet or laptop wirelessly regardless of the operating system of your device.

Central control over the entire system

We will help you create a functional meeting space controlled with one user-friendly panel. Crestron allows you to manage all important devices centrally, regardless of the room size and number of rooms. One system and one touch-screen control panel – such a simple operation will delight even the fresh users.



conference centres


conference, training and lecture rooms


meeting, chat and videoconference rooms


management and operating centres


staff rooms, waiting rooms

How we operate

At VC System, we know the ins and outs of Crestron advanced audio-visual systems. We will audit your business, analyse your needs and select a proper solution. We will select equipment parameters, install the equipment and guarantee the necessary servicing. We will help you make your meetings, presentations, conferences and trainings more effective.

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