At our clients’ request, we perform an in-depth analysis of the environment where a visual communication system works or will work. The results of the audit will be used to adapt our solution to your needs even better.


Along with the client, we analyse the needs, challenges and business goals for the planned system. Tell us about your expectations at this stage so that we can suggest a solution dedicated specifically for your organisation. This way we will manage to achieve the set goals.


We prepare every design individually, striving to include all boundary conditions outlined by our clients. We carefully fit all components, creating a new functional system from scratch.


We will offer you specialised and reliable content management software. Our offer includes solutions of world leading producers: this allows us to select a product fit perfectly for the specific needs of your business. Via one central system you will be able to remotely monitor all carriers and thus keep full control over the content and topicality of communication.

Content development

The visual communication system depends on up-to-date multimedia content. We will be more than happy to prepare it for you: we will guarantee that they are thought through, coherent and compatible with the needs of your communication campaigns.


Installation and configuration

We install and configure all system components to provide you with a complete solution ready to be used. We will integrate processes, technologies and all external data sources.


We provide trainings for the personnel who will be responsible for operating our software and equipment. We will show you how to create and update content in CMS and how to operate your audio-visual system.


Our servicing team is at your disposal. You can count on fast and professional support of our engineers throughout Poland.


We will help you modernise the systems you have been using for years. We will examine the condition of your solution in detail and give advice on the necessary changes. We will optimise modernisation costs by preserving the system components that can be adapted to modern requirements.